About me


I was born in Colombia and moved to Canada as a young girl.  I was fortunate to be raised in two amazing countries, and this has shaped who I am today.  I have the famous kindness and polite attitude of the Canadian and the charm and spice of the Latin people.

I have an BA from York University in foreign languages and Human Resources Certificate from Humber College.  I am fluent in English, French and Spanish. 

I considered myself to be diverse not only because I speak a few languages, but because I have lived in different countries and I have traveled the world for work.   My previous jobs have given me a deep understanding of our cultural diversity and as such I am able to adapt and tailor my customer service skills to my clients based on their personal needs as well as their cultural ones. 

I became a Real Estate Agent because I love working with people.  Helping my clients find their dream home is my number ONE priority. 

Make your dream a reality with my expert advise!

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